Picture Credits: Garima Joshi Photography

A very warm welcome to Jewels By Nupur!

I am a jewellery lover and a passionate collector of exquisite pieces. Uhhhh okay, I am a shopaholic, much to my husband’s dismay. My love for the gorgeous gems took me hunting through the lanes and by-lanes of Jaipur (Rajasthan, India) at a very early age, working with the karigars (craftsmen) to get the look or setting I wanted for my pieces. At times we got our Aha! moments, at times we went back to re-designing. But at all times, it was always a joy to see my pieces come to life. Even after 20 years, I frequently wear each of them and love it.

I am also a trailing expat spouse. One day, I was lamenting to a friend about how tough it gets with every move. It’s not only adventures and explorations and comes with its challenges too. Adapting and making a new country your home every few years, exhaustive job searches or coping with career set-backs and literally, starting from scratch on many fronts. It was then that I was reminded to utilize my talents and gently nudged into action mode (bless her) - I could still be a shopaholic and help others shop!

Living and working in various countries, experiencing their cultures, I realized there was much curiosity abroad and desire to own our beautiful handcrafted Indian jewellery. My journey started small, getting a few pieces here and there for some dear friends. Slowly, I built my courage to start curating pieces for a wider audience and open exhibitions to the neighborhood and communities around me. Hence was born Jewels by Nupur - a small but passionate effort in bringing to you pieces that I handpick with a lot of care and love. 

I still get excited when I see my pieces being worn by my friends and customers. For me, it’s mission accomplished when they enjoy wearing collections from Jewels by Nupur. I aim to design and curate pieces that are practical, can be adorned with ease and bring immense joy to its beautiful owner, i.e. YOU.

Much Love

p.s. If you have a design in mind, or, if you have an upcoming occasion and need help with getting a piece made, drop me a note at support@jewelsbynupur.com and I will work with you to get you what you want.